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I'm Holly. I'm 16 and I'm a fan of pretty much every genre of every novel. I'm obsessed with reading, just not a good writer. :/

OK so my reviews aren't the best because I don't even try to add proper grammar to it or good---*ahem* superb/outstanding/commendable/satisfactory/nifty/ideal vocabulary. BUT I think they are easy reading reviews that will help you acknowledge my perspective on the books I read and also my crazy personality might entertain you, sometimes not necessarily in a good way.

Anyway, I try my best to improve this blog as best I can. Please write comments below for me to read for feedback and/or tips! Thank you!

Here's how this blog works. I post a new review every time I finish a book (sporadically), and so far that's it!
Here's the format of my book reviews:

[Book Cover]              Synopsis: "                                  "

[Beginning Info:]
Pages: (amount of pages in the book)
Ages: (estimated age range of the book...just a guide, does not have to be followed!)
My Rating: (5 star scale)
One Word: (one word that I describe the book as...it's usually a bunch of words meshed together EX: AmazingYetTerrifying)
Fave Quote(s): (My favorite quotes from the book, italicized and referenced with the page # EX: "I've never seen someone as beautiful as her" (214).)]

[this is where I type my book review yadayadayada.... I may freak out from it's amazing-ness or critique it]
Starred rating: [the last thing I put on my book posts EX: ★★★★★]

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