Saturday, April 27, 2013

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Synopsis: "What if you only had one day to live? What would you do? Who would you kiss? And how far would you go to save your own life?

Samantha Kingston has it all: looks, popularity, the perfect boyfriend. Friday, February 12, should be just another day in her charmed life. Instead, it turns out to be her last.

The catch: Samantha still wakes up the next morning. Living the last day of her life seven times during one miraculous week, she will untangle the mystery surrounding her death--and discover the true value of everything she is in danger of losing."

Title: Before I Fall
Series: None
Genre: EPIC, Romantic <3 :),  Thriller (*o*)
Pages: 470
Ages: 14-18
Date I Finished: April 27th 2013
Rating: 5 Stars

I've tried, and I literally can't write a book review without leaving spoilers! :( I'm sorry I need to leave my opinion on certain things! If this were GoodReads, I would definitely cover them up, but I can't.

WARNING: Spoilers!! Don't read this unless you have read because you WILL spoil it for yourself! Trust me, it's happened to me before!

"Is what I did really so bad? So bad I deserved to die? So bad I deserved to die like that? Is what I did really so much worse than what anybody else does?
Is it really so much worse than what
you do?
Think about it
I fell in love with this book and Sam. At the end I couldn't stop crying (just saying :'( )

Okay I think this book relates to me, I know it sounds weird but my last name is Fullman (Kent McFULLER) and my crush's first name is Sam (SAM Kingston) Coincidence? I think not. LOL #nevergonnahappen

I think this book also strangely relates to the song 'Madness' by Muse. Like, some lyrics (ex: "I can't get these memories out of my mind" and "Now I finally realized what you mean" and "now I have finally seen the end" no pun intended for the last one...haha maybe a little pun intended)
Also, the song would make the ending even more suspenseful if this song were played while she dies.

Okay, moving on to the review. Well, this book was so SAD D:. I learned to think that it was happy at the end though because she (view spoiler)saved Juliet and if she DIDN'T die then she would never have realized how she actually felt about Kent. I feel so bad for Kent though because when the girl he likes finally sees how much he means to her, she has to die. :(((((

Characters: I thought were the best part in this book hands down.
I know most of you are probably like, "What are you talking about? Her friends were some mean and annoying and cared too much about themselves." Well, let me tell you that her friends personalities literally made this story as good as it was. If Sam never became friends with them, then she wouldn't have anything to learn from those 7 days (or..that one day? HAHA).

Rob: Hated him, but his attitude also made this story possible because you are supposed to hate him so that you love Kent! And so that (view spoiler)you're happy when she dumps him! Woohoo!

Sam: Didn't like her on the first day because she was so mean, but then she realized that things get more and more valuable when you don't have enough time to enjoy them. Also, she realized that Kent was more adorable than she though. (*o* those two make me want to cry, they were so cute).

I at first thought that this story would be too much like the movie Groundhog Day, especially when the author actually refers to that movie. BUT IT TOTALLY WAS DIFFERENT. It was so much more suspenseful and serious. Also, it was way cuter and sadder :(.

All in all, LOVED THIS BOOK and I can't wait until Lauren Oliver makes another great book like this. (Still have to read Requiem anyway so take your time Lauren!) It had such a good moral to it, which was to never take life for granted because you never really know what will happen next. Also, the lesson is that things become more valuable when you know you won't be able to have it anymore :(.

On Sam's last day, I felt so bad for her it hurt :'(. Because she knew that it would be her last day and she made sure that she said a mental 'goodbye' to everything (view spoiler)before she died.

P.S. Whoever gave this book a one star rating has no heart :'( ★★★★★

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